There’s no doubt that the COVID pandemic has had a significant effect on wedding photographers, as well as our families, clients and of course our businesses. Personally I now split my time working in Intensive Care at the regional hospital where I help care for people with the virus – it’s serious stuff, but at the same time I’m absolutely delighted to see creativity coming out of this difficult situation. Photographer Hendra Lesmana from ‘Cheese N Click’ has absolutely nailed this, with his flying carpet face mask couple, which I absolutely LOVE!


COVID Virus Wedding Couple Riding on a faceMask
Photo: Hendra Lesmana

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  1. Notável na dedicação, perseguição da inspiração e oportunidade na captação dos efeitos, deixam-nos cristalizados num momento que parece eterno e fica único.
    Bravo, nuno!

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